We hit the road again, this time with Peter Lang. Our final destination was Siena, 6hrs north of naples. Peter engaged us with conversations about the history of little towns we passed through and gave our eyes directions as we cut through the tuscan landscape. we made several stops, and our cameras and sketchpads went to work again.
we fast approached siena and i grow even more excited. Our stay in this small town was a scheduled 5-6weeks, and would be our final dwelling tell we leave back to jersey. after acouple napps and acouple sounds from my mp3 player, we were finally in siena. Peter re-warned us about the steep climb up the hill to our dorms, and advised use to travel light. Thank God i listened. The climb to our dorms was soo exhausting, it too us about 30mins to catch our breath.
We were brieft on the dorms roles and regulations, which pretty much sounded like they didnt want us there, and then reluctantly gave us our room key. I had a single bed room and didnt was anytime as i gathered my stuff from the lobby and was off to my room.
It was small like every other thing in the country, but its view was nice. I was in the top floor and i had one little window to myself. Anyway along the road trip i made some sketches.


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