Like the saying when in Rome…act like the Romans.
Rome was a little to fast pace for me, after leaving a city like New York; I was looking for something more relaxing and calm. I was a bit reluctant to keep up with the city, its language and its people. O yes its people, very neo-roman, if you ask me. One of the most out standing things about the locals in Rome, besides the fact that they were all in shape, were their pets, their sun glasses and their sun tans. Tourists swarm through the entire city, almost exceeding their boundaries, but in that mix of it all I could still spot the Romans!
The only adjustment I made to myself was getting a pair of sunglasses, it cost a lot but yeah, it was worth it. I felt as though I was one of them,…lol. As for getting a pet, I think that would have been a hassle and a sun tan on me would have been pretty ridiculous. Money just kept flying out of my pocket; the city was pretty expensive I’d tell you that. Come to think about it, to act like the Romans you better be pretty wealthy. In just a period of about 2weeks I spent over $600! And I’m not even rich…..lol.
Yeah, Rome was too fast for me. Well I wrote a short poem about Rome
I COULD ONLY WATCH AS THINGS PASS ME BY,…. SPACE & TIME. It’s like they grow wings and could fly. My eyes can’t see that far, my legs can’t run that fast. I still wish to roam, but Rome wouldn’t let me. I can’t speak, but I have already thought about what to say. I think and think, and time still wouldn’t wait. I listen and listen but the voices I can’t understand, so I stop, I pause, I halt, I freeze, and let it pass and finally a word comes out of my mouth, ciao!…..now they know .
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One thought on “WHEN IN ROME

  1. Hmmnn…i like the poem..very descriptive and precise to the point. Now you’re making me want to see Rome myself 🙂

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