The Newark projects prepared us for the projects we would undertake in Siena Italy. These projects processes allowed us to re-think what we originally thought was the ” architecture process”.
Our first project in the Newark which was half of our summer studio was a precedent study investigating the different ways to which art and architecture can be expressed from selected individuals points of view.
The artist I focused on was Rachel Whiteread, who was a sculptor that explored the idea of inverting space into solid and void space.

The next exercise was a drawing charrette, where we had to generate sketches of movie scenes as they played. The difficult part about this drawings exercise was the fact that we were not allowed to look at our sketch pads as we created the sketch.

Picture 006
the first movie was Katerina in cieta. The second movie was the Roman holiday

Once upon a time in the west

the next exercise was an analytique of the Newark pubilc library
Picture 007 copy
Our final projects composition, presentation, design strategy and process.

Digital Group Presentation07.20.pdfDigital Group Presentation07.20.pdf


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